APES Download
In its current version, APES can be downloaded as a stand-alone application
The APES download is free for non-commercial use.

Data File for Testing
You can download this data file (right click, then 'save target as') for a first test (rename from .xml to .apes after download).

Technical Requirements for the APES Download
The APES download is available to users running Linux/Unix/Mac OS X and Windows. APES runs on Java Runtime Environment (JRE), minimum version 1.5.
Linux users need tar and bzip2 to extract the installation package.

Please take note that an "Invalid file"-message can appear in case of compatibility issues with older APESTool versions. Please send such files to and use the current version available on only. The files will be fixed and sent back to you immediately.

APES manual
The step-by-step APES manual will guide you through the APES software; it is usefull for users, who are working with APES for the first time.
For further information on APES, consult the APES related publications for a first overview of how to use APES (see especially ‘working papers’).