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Information Visualization/ Sequence Analysis

OPTIMIZE“OPTIMIZE is a program for optimal matching and alignment of sequences. Optimalalignment is a technique for finding measures of resemblance between sequence data.The following short manual gives instructions for using the present program.”

Roberto Franzosi/ From Words to Numbers“Roberto Franzosi developed a new linguistic and computer-based approach to narrative text for quantitative purposes. He has traced the methodological aspects of that approach in a series of articles and in the book From Words to Numbers: Narrative, Data, and Social Science (2004, Cambridge University Press). The book illustrates a set of tools (story grammars, relational database models, and network models) that can be profitably used for the collection, organization, and analysis of narrative data in socio-historical research.”

Event Structure Analysis"Ethno is an on-line Java program that helps you analyze sequential events. Prerequisite analysis produces a diagram showing how some events are necessary for other events, and how abstract events are represented in concrete happenings. You can test whether the diagram works as a grammar explaining the sequence of events. Composition analysis involves coding agent, action, object, instrument, setting, alignment, product, and beneficiary of each event. Analysis shows how observed events linked a given element to other elements."

Comparative Methods/ Methodology

COMParative methods for the Advancement of Systematic Cross-case analysis and Small-n Studies (COMPASSS)“COMPASSS is a research group bringing together scholars and practitioners who share a common interest in theoretical, methodological and practical advancements in a systematic comparative case approach to research which stresses the use of a configurational logic, the existence of multiple causality and the importance of a careful construction of research populations.”

Social Network Analysis

International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)“INSNA is the professional association for researchers interested in social network analysis. INSNA publishes a bulletin containing news, scholarly articles, technical columns, and abstracts and book reviews, sponsors the annual International Social Networks Conference (also known as Sunbelt), and maintains electronic services.”

Analytictech"Analytic Technologies publishes software for social network analysis and cultural domain analysis, such as UCINET, NetDraw, or E-NET."

Pajek"Pajek is a software for large network analysis."

Visone"In a long-term research project, the visone project team is developing models and algorithms to integrate and advance the analysis and visualization of social networks. A part of visone is the design and implementation of a software tool intended for research and teaching in social network analysis. it is specifically designed to allow experts and novices alike to apply innovative and advanced visual methods with ease and accuracy."


GraphML"GraphML is a comprehensive and easy-to-use file format for graphs. It consists of a language core to describe the structural properties of a graph and a flexible extension mechanism to add application-specific data. Its main features include support of directed, undirected, and mixed graphs, hypergraphs, hierarchical graphs, graphical representations, references to external data, application-specific attribute data, and light-weight parsers."